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AS:CSM is a student-led society for the people of Spatial Practices. We believe in the importance of collaborative working, being one community, and having a social and political agenda. The society provides a platform of opportunities, to support the engagement of students and generate networks within the college and across London. Our approach is through sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge with an open mind; helping each other as we are all here to pursue our path and emerge as young practitioners into the world.


Throughout the year, we have hosted events, workshops, and gatherings, stimulating the interaction between stages, as well as courses. For BA Architecture, we have organised overlapping portfolio workshops for Stage 1 with Stage 2, with the aim to create connectivity, encourage interaction, and learn from the production of each other's work. The society has gained a greater online presence through sharing student works, publishing quotes and ideologies about architecture, and keeping students informed about the exciting events happening across London.

To expand the student network, we are a part of Peer Review - Formerly known as London Architecture Schools Collective; and participated in planning the Megacrits, where students were encouraged to show a fragment of their work and start a conversation around their design principles. The live collaborations included a visit to Mulberry UTC, a Sixth Form college located in Roman Road, Bow, aimed at raising awareness about architecture, offering an insight of being a design student, and generating future opportunities for young people. On a larger scale, we hosted a climate meeting within the department, following the Climate Assembly that took place across the college, in order to find coherence in our projects, and explore how practice can change in response to the climate crisis.


The exposure to industry expertise, along with the social and environmental challenges, sparked a sense of responsibility from us, students in balancing the extra curriculum projects against the priorities of our studies.


All these events of the society involved the direct engagement of students, the faculty, and other institutions, recognising the importance of collaborative working, creating networks, and solutions for the infrastructure of AS:CSM.


the TEAM

Artboard 14.png

Jemima Abedin


Artboard 13.png

Daria Stanuica

Vice President

Artboard 15.png

Hani Ali

Vice President

Artboard 12.png

Ramish Shahbaz


Artboard 16.png

Nora Dankwah

Social Content


Artboard 4.png

Vívian Provasi Takara

Events Coordinator

Artboard 18.jpeg

Zeina Rady

Events Coordinator

Artboard 17.png

Rebut Kamal


Artboard 11.png

Mazy Law



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