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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

We are now a part of the newly established LASC - London Architecture Schools Collective, a network of architecture students collaborating between institutions and across the capital. AS:CSM took part in hosting LASC meetings and planning the Megacrits, which was the first public event from the LASC Collective. 

A year of seismic political events has underscored the need for urgent action on tackling climate change, and has seen ambitious educators and students grapple with the topic of ecological architecture in adventurous ways. The Climate Megacrit on January 9th, 2020 was hosted by LASC in collaboration with the Architecture Foundation. It was a day of crits, talks and discussions, exploring architectural responses to climate emergency. Students from 8 schools of architecture, and over 20 units came together to explore ways of adapting and designing amid a changing climate, and represent their own critical interpretations of the challenge ahead. 

The new Megacrit launched by LASC challenges the traditional formalities of crits in architecture schools. It can be seen more as a ‘MegaReview’ or a ‘MegaPinUp’, a symposium. Students are encouraged to show a fragment of their work (drawings, models, artefacts, concepts, briefs etc) in response to the ecological crisis.

Students across schools and units presented their work in tabletop discussions with their peers and a panel of guest critics including Sian Moxon, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, David Knight, Kat Scott, and our very own Jeremy Till. Fatima-Zahrra Zoughty from our BA Stage 3 Studio 3 presented her work in this Megacrit, and Liza Schneider from MArch Year 2 chaired a discussion, who is very much involved with Architecture Education Declares and the AED summit. 


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