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AS:CSM 19/20 Catalogue Feature

As young practitioners, we spend most of our time learning and developing our skills to emerge into the professional world but, the main key in this field is to understand the importance and meaning of people- you can’t do everything by yourself. This is why we believe that all of us are unique, we have our own qualities that define us and so when we all come together, we are stronger!

AS:CSM is a student-led society for the people of Spatial Practices. We take pride in being an architecture student at CSM, and we believe that our ideas deserve to be shared amongst us, the department and across the architectural networks around the world. The society encourages each one of us to share ideas, thoughts and solutions to act all together as a team, collective.

Here, at the AS:CSM, we all grow, develop and become our best version of ourselves!

Bianca Blanari & Maolin Huang

President & Vice-President of the AS:CSM

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