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Making Week 2019 - Roundhouse

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Making Week is a collaborative project that involves BA Architecture students in building a structure at a 1:1 scale. For 2019, the stage 2 and 3 students engaged in making on-site, to build a Roundhouse for the local community at The Story Garden; a communal growing space instigated by Global Generation and the British Library. In collaboration with Guest Maker Nicolas Henninger of Office for Crafted Architecture, the principle design strategy for the Roundhouse was fixed, but challenged students with the task of refining design details, organising materials and delegating roles in building the eight segments of the structure. The reclaimed scaffolding boards provided, required reconditioning using basic hand tools and more sensitive handling during transport and construction.

Each one of eight studios worked in preparing the materials for a segment of the Roundhouse in the Street; a dynamic open-plan area in CSM that connects different departments and facilities together. It allowed students and staff across different areas of the College to engage in the different stages of the making process. 

This project was an opportunity for students to engage in building a structure for use in the real world and to learn from each other to develop skills in the use of different tools and techniques involved in making. It has strengthened our ability to communicate questions, ideas and building strategies in a collaborative environment for an exciting design output. 


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