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Portfolio Workshop

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

This year, we have organised a portfolio workshop for Stage 1 with Stage 2 with the aim to connect the two stages together, encourage interaction, exchange tips and learn from each other’s work.

The academic environment nurtures all of us and provides a safe space within which to explore, learn and test creative freedoms. In preparation for the first year’s portfolio submission, stage 2 came together, presenting their first-year work to the current first years. Students had the opportunity to look through a great variety of work like models, collages, axos; understand better what a portfolio consists of and what it should deliver. Throughout our studies, we are encouraged to be experimental, creative, to explore, test ideas and to see what works, what doesn't and record the whole process of our project. In this way our project becomes more than just a project but rather, a tool through which we could solve, tackle social and political issues that we are facing as a society.

As we all went through stage one, this is the year when you enter into the realm of the study of architecture and at times appear overwhelmingly complex, requiring the balance of technical, creative and practical considerations, whilst negotiating our personal interest. All these challenges are part of the stage 1 experience. This is why stage 2’s are the key figures which could share their experience, as they have just enough skill, newly acquired. Now is the time to help each other!

Having this event, hosted by the AS:CSM, seemed more like an informal student gathering, allowing each stage to take part, meet and start to know each other better. Our aim is to provide the platform where all stages could come together and establish a connection.


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