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Quote of the Week

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

During 2020 the CSM architecture society introduced the AS:CSM Quote of the week. This was a weekly quote selected by the students and members of the society to inspire and educate the students each week.

It, exposed students to different ideologies and ways of architecture across various historical periods. This exposure provided a starting point for viewers to then be able to research further into specific fields, movements and individual architects, expanding their architectural knowledge

The Quote of the Week also soon became somewhat of a CSM Spatial Practises Zeitgeist. It created a platform to express current issues expanding further than the world of architecture. It is key to the ideology of the AS:CSM that architecture is fundamentally political. We wanted to reflect this in our quotes of the week, constantly adapting to feedback and comments of the viewers of what they’d like to see specifically, at a given time and socio-political climate.


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