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STUDIO 6 - City Within a City 

City Within A City aims to blur the boundaries between practise and academia, responding to the present-day financial demands of modern-day erudition and professional expectations. Their responses consider the physical context, connectivity and the socio-economic fabric, local activities and public desires. 


Space in-between, a proposal for a new piece of the city, which is delicately constructed. In the drive to densify our cities, if you can’t build out, you build up. The apotheosis of this is the high- rise but time, sustainability and urban re-purposing considerations have softened the edges of the initial frenzied drive to build high to more thoughtful inner-city development.

This year Studio 6 have asked: 

How can the architecture sector densify the city with an alternative quality design approach?” 

  • What civic spaces and public rooms can be created in developments that respond to the community’s socio-economic needs? 

  • What are the main challenges when designing for densification in existing low density, traditional urban context? 

  • How is the architecture community addressing smarter, greener and happier environmental concerns in their densifying designs?

  • Challenge traditional building techniques and materials for a more sustainable approach? 


We worked with the idea of continuity in architecture, studying and making intelligent contemporary translations of good architectural precedents – some ancient, some contemporary. Alongside this, they carried out studies and designed urban proposals at a variety of scales, from the city scale to the tactility scale.

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