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STUDIO 7 - Imagining Collaborative Futures

The agenda of Studio 7 is ‘Designing Politics’, exploring the relationship between design and alternative political futures. Imagining Collaborative Futures is a call for an adventure towards new utopian horizons that can generate innovations for global social, political and cultural sustainability in the face of the ongoing converging crises. 


Thinking and approaching the commons through architecture brings forth an experimental realisation and embodiment of such systems, beyond their theoretical notion. Architecture can form an extremely rich field for exploration because of its complexity both as a discipline and as practice. Studio 7 places emphasis on the multidisciplinary, multidimensional and multifaceted aspects of architecture, as it combines space (material, symbolic and imaginative) with the conditions, users and actions that shape it and inhabit it.


This year’s studio will also ask you to interrogate spatial strategies of existing market-prescribed architectural and 

spatial typologies and to envisage new spatial tactics, 

arrangements and typologies that will house experimental, radical and socially-empowering collaborative practices. 


This will be the first of at least two years long collaboration of our studio, Studio 7, with an MA studio at the School of Architecture in Dessau, led by Professor Ivan Kucina, which is one of the hometowns of Bauhaus movement. Their collaboration is based on shared interests in commons, arts, collaborative developments, alternative futures and radical actions. Referring to the 100 years of Bauhaus, its collaborative design process and its vision of design that can make social change, as well to the fore-coming year of Venice Biennale that questions how will we live together. 


Studio 7 will, therefore, ask you to imagine an alternative world in which empathy motivates our personality instead of individual success, solidarity runs our society instead of market competitiveness, and collaboration transforms our cities instead of profit-making.

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